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Welcome to the official WESCO Website – discover the colourful world of WESCO! In our extensive range of household goods you will find high quality, extremely functional products in the distinctive WESCO design.

With everything from waste receptacles to kitchen and bathroom accessories or bread bins – our products will make your home even more beautiful. There’s no mistaking that these are original WESCO products! Whether it’s our Baseboy, Pushboy, Kickboy, Kickmaster or special designs such as the Superboy or Spaceboy, all our waste receptacles are highly versatile. Their functional and trendy designs create an attractive feature in kitchens, bathrooms, children’s rooms or at your work space.

Looking for ways to introduce more colour into your kitchen? Then go for an eye-catching statement item! Our classic bread bin, Grandy or Breadboy are guaranteed to introduce truly individual design into your kitchen. For those who have a small kitchen but don’t want to forgo the pleasures of a stylish bread bin, look no further than the space-saving Single Breadboy or the Single Grandy.

Kitchen accessories in matching colours are an essential detail, of course. From biscuit tins to storage jars and spice mills through to our cult retro weighing scales, we have everything that kitchen fans could ever dream of. The Tableware series offers Wesco design for the table: Butter dish, milk jug, sugar bowl or the new water carafe are available in many trendy colours.

If you’re looking for an individual storage solution or an all-rounder, then the Superball is just what you need! With its optimum size and round shape, it can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, children’s room or at work to provide a striking focal point. A tidy solution indeed!

Space fans are well served by Wesco’s Metal Space collection: Spacy Basket, Spacy Peppy, the practical Spacy Tray, Spacy Ball, Peppy Can, Superball and the galactic Spaceboy. Their continuing mission: to explore new design worlds, to bring new life into your kitchen.

Wesco has a solution if you are looking for statement items for non-residential premises. From the slim stand-alone ashtray to the large-volume Big Ash there is a wide variety of waste receptacles for catering and public premises.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our range for yourself – discover WESCO and introduce more colour to your life!